14 Common Misconceptions about Sterling

Having an affordable piece of jewelry is the need of today’s fashion conscious world. To meet the need, it is sterling silver that comes to limelight. This is a strong metal that takes birth from the combination of silver with copper, or nickel, or zinc, or even geranium. In this, the percentage of silver metal is 92.5; while that of other metal is 7.5 percent. As pure silver is known to be soft in nature and not fit for commercial production, it becomes necessary to mingle it with other metals for a stronger foundation. This creates an opportunity for the jewelers to manufacture affordable piece of jewelry and enable people to look good. Still, there are 14 common misconceptions about sterling that people have in mind.

  1. Going as per the name, people think that sterling silver is pure silver. But, it is nothing like this as the silver metal is mingled with other metals for strengthening it.
  1. It is generally thought that silver can be cleansed easily with anything. But, it should be noted that using mild cleaning liquids is preferable. Generally, strong liquids can harm a sterling silver piece of jewelry and a mild one should be diluted in water for effective usage.

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

  1. Using any kind of brush is not recommended for cleaning sterling piece of jewelry because only soft bristles can help a person to take out dust from the jewelry piece without scratching it.
  1. Indeed, cleaning or wiping it with anything or may be any kind of cloth is not good. You should use soft cotton clothes to wipe it gently for restoring the shine. Even, the jewelers that sell silver jewelry would give you soft silver cleaning cloth piece.
  1. Now, storing it is an issue because people think that silvers are not subject to wear and tear. They can be kept in anything or even in polythene bags. The best method to keep a sterling silver piece of jewelry is to wrap it in cotton and keep in a well fitted box for a longer life.
  1. Another common misconception about sterling silver jewelry is that the “925” mark on them is taken to be hallmark. While, it is just a mark to state that it is a sterling silver piece of jewelry and nothing else.
  1. People think that sterling silver is pure and will not be tarnished at all. With the passing of time, this art piece is subject to tarnishing; especially, candle stands or platters that are frequently touched and subject to accumulation of dust.
  1. It is a general misconception that gifting silver on 25th wedding anniversary is thought to be auspicious as it is known “silver jubilee” anniversary. There is nothing like this and can be gifted on any occasion.

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

  1. Well, silver buyers think that soaking it in the cleaning liquid will hamper its polish and appeal. However, soaking the silver piece of jewelry for specified time period augments its beauty and luster.
  1. It is said that silver represents calmness and retains piece of mind. Though, it is a metal with cold nature; but, there is no relation with its maintaining a piece of mind.
  1. Ideally, silver platted jewelry should not be taken as pure silver art piece. Though, the amount of silver present in that will be same as that of sterling. But, it is in a very thin state and can wear off on polishing more than thrice.
  1. Sterling silver is just an alloy of purest form of silver and not to be mistaken with proper silver.
  1. Sterling silver can subject to tarnish on its surface as compared to pure silver that remains strong in constant contact with air or water.
  1. Sterling piece of jewelry requires exclusive maintenance for a long lasting life and should not be mishandled.

Source: http://bit.ly/1mk7ghV


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