Tanzanite Gemstone – An Epitome of Beauty and Brilliance

Gone are the days when cornflower blue sapphire was the foremost choice of our beloved Hollywood celebs and British Royals for their prominent pieces of jewelry.A relatively newer member in the gemstone kingdom, ‘tanzanite’ is ruling the hearts of these style icons now!

Womens Tanzanite Rings

We know by now, you are curious enough to know everything about these beautiful gems. So, without further ado, let’s know tanzanites.

Chemical Composition and Color-

Tanzanite is a violet-blue variety of zoisite mineral.  In its original form, a tanzanite crystal is in brown color. It is only after heat-treating it, that the vibrant blue/violet color is achieved. Interestingly, these gems are pleochroic in nature; it means that they show three different colors when viewed from different angles. This feature enables the gemstone cutters to choose the desired color and cut the gem. They can choose more of bluish violet or pure blue, according to the demand. The gem has hardness of 6-7 on Mohs scale and tanzanite jewelry is an acclaimed choice around the globe.

Origin and Discovery-

Magnificent tanzanite stone is named after Tanzania, the only place in the world where it is found. The story about its discovery is no less interesting. In 1967, tanzanite gemstones, in their raw form (brown color) were scattered on the dry hills of Mererani in Northern Tanzania.  The hills caught fire and going under heat treatment, the crystals came in their beautiful brilliant blue color. A Masai tribesman Ali Juuyavwatu saw these sparkling gems for the first time. He picked them up and hence is known for finding the first tanzanite crystals. This discovery was greatly applauded by Tiffany & Co., (they gave this crystal its name). They were so excited that Mr. Henry Platt, former president of the company regarded the discovery as ‘The most important gemstone find in 2000 years’.He was completely correct in making the statement, as people love this December birthstone so much that they are choosing tanzanite engagement rings to mark the beginning of their love!

Tanzanite Stone Rings

Tanzanite Jewelry and Celebrities-

Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett; what comes to your mind when we talk of these glamorous actresses? We are sure that words like smoldering hot, style, fashion icon and irresistible beauty have started rattling in your mind. But, let’s tell you that these timeless beauties are much more than these.  We all have time and again appreciated their impeccable sense of dressing and fantastic jewelry ensembles; but, these celebs have amazingly thought ‘out of the box’ and incorporated tanzanite jewelry to grace their special events. Let’s have a look.

Penelope Cruz’s love for blue is world famous. Her engagement ring has a blue center stone and she also has many jewelry pieces with blue stone. From her lovely blue collection, the tanzanite earrings were quite famous. She was spotted wearing them for few important events including the premiere of her film.

Anne Hathaway, best known for her robust acting skills, divulged her proclaimed interest for tanzanite as she chose the beautiful blue tanzanite and diamond earrings for the past Oscar ceremony. Her Giorgio Armani custom satin blue dress was like icing on the cake.


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