Know More About Tanzanite

If you are planning to buy jewelry made up of the Tanzanite gemstone than you must know some facts about Tanzanite. There are few questions with answers that will surely help you to build your knowledge over Tanzanite.

Trillion Tanzanite Stone

What is Tanzanite?
Tanzanite is a type of gemstone which is a crystalline gemstone variety of the mineral zoisite, which is a relatively abundant mineral.

Where does Tanzanite come from?
Tanzanite is found in only one place in the whole world, Tanzania, which is in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How rare is Tanzanite?
Tanzanite can only be found in a 4 kilometer square area and that the top quality colors and sizes are becoming harder and harder to extract from the ground it is already very rare and becoming rarer. It is a fact – Tanzanite is considered to be a thousand times rarer than Diamonds.

Is Tanzanite a precious gem?
Tanzanite have all three – durability, beauty and rarity which makes it precious.

What is the Tanzanite Gemstones color range?
Tanzanite gemstones vary in color from rich velvety blue to an exotic violet. Tanzanite is classified as violetish blue denoting that the color is predominantly blue over violet or ‘bluish-violet’ denoting that the color is more violet over blue.


How important is Tanzanite’s saturation?
It is considered as the more saturated the color is in Tanzanite, the more valuable and rare the tanzanite gemstones. It is assumed as less than 1% of all tanzanite falls into the rare intense AAA.

What is the composition or hardness of Tanzanite?
Tanzanite is a hydrous Calcium-Aluminum Silicate with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

How popular is Tanzanite?
The blue gemstones are generally the World’s most highly favored with tanzanite, this is all the more true because of the stones extraordinary color – at its best, a rich velvety blue with a hint of violet, reminiscent of rare Kashmir sapphires.

Is it safe to buy Tanzanite online?
Shopping for tanzanite online is safe if you follow some guidelines and always check the terms and conditions of offers. Make sure you have a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with tour product. Use a reputable and honest online Tanzanite dealer like TopTanzanite or eTanzaniteshop that protects the buyer with guarantees.
How do I value tanzanite?
Tanzanite is graded according to the 4 C’s, which is much like diamonds Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.

Does Tanzanite’s value is lessen by enhancement of heat ?
All tanzanite is assumed to have been heated to relatively low temperatures so it does not have more effect on Tanzanite’s value.

How is Tanzanite graded?
Tanzanite is graded in independent gemological grading laboratories. The top grade of Tanzanite is “Intense Violetish Blue”.

Is Tanzanite is a birthstone?
Tanzanite is considered as the birthstone of the December. Although it is considered as the lucky stone for all the wearer who wear it.

oval pendant

So, if you are planning to buy Tanzanite stone. Go ahead, you are on right path. You are choosing right gemstone. I hope these questions help you to find out the best.


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14 Common Misconceptions about Sterling

Having an affordable piece of jewelry is the need of today’s fashion conscious world. To meet the need, it is sterling silver that comes to limelight. This is a strong metal that takes birth from the combination of silver with copper, or nickel, or zinc, or even geranium. In this, the percentage of silver metal is 92.5; while that of other metal is 7.5 percent. As pure silver is known to be soft in nature and not fit for commercial production, it becomes necessary to mingle it with other metals for a stronger foundation. This creates an opportunity for the jewelers to manufacture affordable piece of jewelry and enable people to look good. Still, there are 14 common misconceptions about sterling that people have in mind.

  1. Going as per the name, people think that sterling silver is pure silver. But, it is nothing like this as the silver metal is mingled with other metals for strengthening it.
  1. It is generally thought that silver can be cleansed easily with anything. But, it should be noted that using mild cleaning liquids is preferable. Generally, strong liquids can harm a sterling silver piece of jewelry and a mild one should be diluted in water for effective usage.

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

  1. Using any kind of brush is not recommended for cleaning sterling piece of jewelry because only soft bristles can help a person to take out dust from the jewelry piece without scratching it.
  1. Indeed, cleaning or wiping it with anything or may be any kind of cloth is not good. You should use soft cotton clothes to wipe it gently for restoring the shine. Even, the jewelers that sell silver jewelry would give you soft silver cleaning cloth piece.
  1. Now, storing it is an issue because people think that silvers are not subject to wear and tear. They can be kept in anything or even in polythene bags. The best method to keep a sterling silver piece of jewelry is to wrap it in cotton and keep in a well fitted box for a longer life.
  1. Another common misconception about sterling silver jewelry is that the “925” mark on them is taken to be hallmark. While, it is just a mark to state that it is a sterling silver piece of jewelry and nothing else.
  1. People think that sterling silver is pure and will not be tarnished at all. With the passing of time, this art piece is subject to tarnishing; especially, candle stands or platters that are frequently touched and subject to accumulation of dust.
  1. It is a general misconception that gifting silver on 25th wedding anniversary is thought to be auspicious as it is known “silver jubilee” anniversary. There is nothing like this and can be gifted on any occasion.

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

  1. Well, silver buyers think that soaking it in the cleaning liquid will hamper its polish and appeal. However, soaking the silver piece of jewelry for specified time period augments its beauty and luster.
  1. It is said that silver represents calmness and retains piece of mind. Though, it is a metal with cold nature; but, there is no relation with its maintaining a piece of mind.
  1. Ideally, silver platted jewelry should not be taken as pure silver art piece. Though, the amount of silver present in that will be same as that of sterling. But, it is in a very thin state and can wear off on polishing more than thrice.
  1. Sterling silver is just an alloy of purest form of silver and not to be mistaken with proper silver.
  1. Sterling silver can subject to tarnish on its surface as compared to pure silver that remains strong in constant contact with air or water.
  1. Sterling piece of jewelry requires exclusive maintenance for a long lasting life and should not be mishandled.


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Why to Choose Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry over other Precious Stones

If the precious gem is concerned a simple glimpse of diamond sparkles in one’s thoughts, & when the most sensational gemstone of century Tanzanite is mingled with Diamond then the jewelry  produced is undoubtedly the best. Elegant lifestyle and soothing feel of richness is efficiently depicted by the Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry.

From the last 50 years the acceptance of the shimmering blue “Tanzanite” has just reached the heights of popularity, many experimental presentations have emerged these days. But out of them when the astonishing diamond is attached with the tantalizing Tanzanite, the style reaches an extraordinary stature. It’s like a great combination of world’s best gems for simple cause of aesthetics. Let yourself surge into the flawless beauty of 2 best gems clustered up in a graceful manner. Explore at the variety of Rings, Pendants, Bracelets crafted finely with Tanzanite & Diamond combination molded in White Gold is set to be an amazing jewelry. We produce elegant designs in order to make your purchase a lifetime experience & a permanent relation of trust is build with Tanzanite’s gleaming beauty.

Either it’s about gifting or owning, Tanzanite jewels always bring you the ultimate praise & pleasure. One can feel the elegant phase of its own life when that Royal Blue shimmers with the ultimate dress-up for special occasion. Undoubtedly world’s most adorable & sensational gemstone in blue hue when intertwine with transparent gorgeousness of Diamond leads to unmatchable jewel of Regal class. Gives you the Legacy of remain elegant & majestic in your glimpse. Redefine the fashion of being of an elite class with Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry, time to remain classy & have own style statement.

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Great Combo Offers –

Round Tanzanite Matching Pair Combo

Tanzanite Loose Stone

Tanzanite Combo Offer in 14K White Gold Ring

Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite Combine offer in Ring and Earring

Tanzanite Earring

Combination of Yellow Gold Stud & White Gold Ring

Yellow Gold Stud & White Gold Ring

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Benefits of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stone which is relatively softer when compared to sapphire or ruby. It is best worn with care and should always be treated with respect because it is special. AAA Tanzanite is the best quality available for this stone. It looks really attractive but one must take care to avoid heavy work so that the stone is not knocked against hard surface. Here are some benefits of this stone:0.07 TCW Carat Trillion TanzaniteHealing Power: – this gemstone helps to expand our physical and mental seeing, skin, hearing, hair and helps body to absorb zinc, restores consciousness and clears the toxins that causes skim problems.

Spiritual Properties: – it is used to enhance spirit world communications and helps to tap higher self knowledge.  It is a wonderful self exploration gift to become more aware of the spiritual self.  It helps to promote interest in metaphysics.

0.80 TCW Carat Princess TanzaniteAwakens consciousness: – Consciousness is the quality of being aware of an external object within oneself. Tanzanite is the only stone which helps individual to awaken his or her consciousness.

Assists self exploration: – self exploration is the process of going deep in the self, find insights, opinions, knowing what you really want to do with your life. The gemstone helps individual to understand his or needs and helps them to explore themselves internally.0.30 TCW Carat Marquise TanzaniteThe price of the gemstone in the past has varied considerably due to unstable supply. If the consumer wishes to buy AAA Tanzanite Rings then he needs to pay more as compared with other quality. It is almost the third of the price of sapphire.

If you are looking to know more about this stone then check this out: Tanzanite Cuts

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Choose your right December birthstone

December is one of the most attractive as well as momentous month in the calendar. For those with a December birthday, a birthstone is the best choice for a gift; Birthstones are precious stones which are associated with one’s birth date with centuries. Birthstones have been of prime significance since olden times in an individual’s life. Each month has its unique birthstones so is the December. Birthstones can be classified in four parts like traditional, modern, ayurvedic and mystical birthstones and each birthstone has its values.

Nowadays birthstones are gaining popularity in modern traditions. However in United States there is no sole gemstone for a particular month. In fact there are several birthstones for a single month. So choosing the December birthstone can be bit complex. Tanzanite which is supposed to be worn by people who are born in month of December usually wear it. It brings good luck to the one who is wearing as it is related with ancient healing powers.. Although the selection of stone differs from culture to culture, you can be confident about good fortune and strength. Some consider that these stones have powers.

Tanzanite is also the anniversary stone which signifies the 24th year of wedding ceremony. Tanzanite birthstone are not limited to Tanzanite but various other gems like Turquoise, lapis, ruby and Onyx also can be wore by them. It is mostly common amongst men and women. You can wear it in the form of rings, earrings, necklace and much more. When you gift this precious stone to someone, you not only gift the stone but the love with sentimental values attached with it. This stone is available in many striking cuts and designs complementing the exquisiteness of these stones. Before purchasing it be sure to know more on these gemstones so that you can get the pure stone.

Tanzanite is one of the most coveted, rare and unique gemstone. When Tanzanite is worn in pure form it possesses therapeutic powers. Bering a birthstone for December borns, it is also related to Sagittarians and Capricorns. While shopping for your right gemstone make sure you grab the real thing as there are many categories of gemstones available in the market. Tanzanite became an official “December birthstone” in October 2002 however the first version was released in 1912.

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Tanzanite Diamond Ring for Uniqueness in one

Diamond ring signifies love and commitment so this article on Tanzanite diamond provides useful information on Tanzanite Diamond Ring and Gemstones. This is not common stone as everyone cannot buy it due to its expensiveness and rare availability but everyone desires for. When the stone is in raw form it is deep violet in color but heated turns into yellowish color. The price of Tanzanite can be defined by some factors like size, shade, gloom and fashion of gold ingots used in the ring. Small size stones costs less as compared to larger piece of gemstone. Finally before purchasing you should be assure of the range and quality of gemstone you are purchasing. Get fabulous diamond ring and shop online for best deals with best prices.

Tanzanite jewelry at times proves to be real showstopper because of its purplish and crystalline structure. At times it forms different colors and shades depending on its angle and view. Tanzanite is soft in nature so it is very commonly seen worn by customers. Tanzanite Diamond looks quiet amazing because of its crystalline nature. Although Tanzanite Diamond rings are not preferred to be wore all day long but they are secure to wear for light use. Jewelry made from this precious stone comes in incredible textures and is quiet subtle. But when wore with gold and platinum looks stunning. A multi accessory, tanzanite in emerald cut with diamonds is one of the top demanded in engagement rings by newly weds.

The stone is elegant, rare, universal and sophisticated piece of jewelry suitable for all occasions. Tanzanite is Trichroic (shows 3 different colors when viewed from different directions) so when worn as a ring looks marvelous as if viewed from one side shows blue color form another purple color but all in blue and purple color. It shines like a rainbow. Tanzanite Diamond Rings are available in wide variety of styles and designs and all these features do boost its appearance. In present period this stone has attained a remarkable reputation of being in top demand by customers after diamond but what hindrance is its rare availability.

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